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If you're unsure what size your wheels are, you can download instructions on how to measure your ETRTO wheel size here.

Please note:


  • When fitting Gecko tyres, remove any rim tape that may be on the wheel beforehand and face the tread pattern chevrons in the forward direction, as shown in the images above.
  • The fitting method shown has been used to fit, many thousands of tyres to date on the stated ETRTO 559 x 19 & ETRTO 622 x 19 wheels without any reported problems or issues.
  • The Gecko cellular rubber is not stiff like many of the foamed plastic materials used in other solid tyres, so a large width screwdriver (or tyre lever) will not damage the wheel size specifications.
  • We also know that the rubber mallet method to tap in the clips is certainly not as severe on the wheel as for example riding through large pot holes or dropping off kerbs.
  • To date, we have no evidence that this fitting method damages the aluminum wheels in any way.


Our third evolution of the puncture proof 'solid' tyre is universally acknowledged to be the best puncture proof tyre ever made.


It is impossible to puncture or otherwise damage these tyres in a way that would stop you from getting to your destination. Giving you complete peace of mind to cycle over any surface and in any weather.


A step forward in the performance and chemistry of our unique patented rubber that we no longer produce earlier forms of these tyres.

Gecko Lightweight Cellular Rubber

Easy Fit Clips


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