New low rolling resistance "Regular" Gecko perfect for any bike!

We believe Geckos are the best puncture proof

bicycle tyres ever made.

They are so good in fact, we think they will change the whole tyre industry!


A new kind of rubber tyre.

- Always ready

- Comfortable to ride

- Simple and easy to fit

- Impossible to puncture

- Good grip even in the wet

- 100% real rubber

- Environmentally friendly

- Complete peace of mind


                Made in the UK







Many of us have a garage full of kids bikes that only get ridden in the summer. Perhaps an e-bike where the motor assembly makes changing the wheel difficult. Maybe we want a great way to get fit or an alternative way to get to work.


The only problem with bikes is that the tyres can go flat.


A loss of pressure in the tyre will hugely impact the effort required or the performance of your e-bike batteries. Our comfortable real rubber tyres give you back control and feel just like pneumatic tyres.


- Always ready when you are. Leave them in a garage for months and when you want to go for a ride, the Geckos are ready!


- Guaranteed range performance. Geckos can't lose pressure, a full e-bike charge will always take you the distance you expect.


- Never be late to work. With Gecko you know the tyres can't let you down.


- Changing a flat is hard. Especially on an e-bike, changing a flat tyre can be difficult and time consuming. Time to stop worrying about it.


- Great all weather performance. Geckos are made from real rubber, as tyres should be. They won't lose grip or slip in the rain or mud like some plastic tyres can.


- No other puncture proof tyre comes close in terms of ride comfort or performance.

"I now have complete peace of mind when commuting"


- Phil Wrenn

(Regular ebike commuter)

Now available from a growing number of stores across the UK!

The only puncture proof tyre made of

real lightweight rubber. Choose Geckos.

The Gecko Difference

100% Puncture Proof?


Easy to install?

Life Cycle Environmental Footprint

Ride Quality

Where are they made?

Price per Tyre

Gecko Tyre



'Old Style' Solid Tyre



Best Alternative Solid Tyre



A Leading Puncture

Resistant Pneumatic Tyre











Cellular Rubber



Foamed PU Polymer


Foamed EVA Polymer


Rubber, Textiles & Metal Wires











 approx 4kg CO2









approx 12kg CO2














Typically Asia



Typically Asia



Typically Asia




approx £30



£60 + Fitting


£40 + tube + pump + repair kit...

Traditional rubber, textile and metal tyres are very hard to recycle due to the difficulty in separating the different materials, so unless they become a cool belt, there is not much you can do with them.

* obviously only valid If the tyres are kept at the correct pressure without any punctures.

Comparing Geckos to the competition & alternatives:

Good quality & properly serviced pneumatic bicycle tyres:

Other solid or airless bicycle tyres:

All bicycle tyres:

No punctures - total reassurance, when ever and where ever you ride


No pumping up. Ever


Consistent performance, tyres are always the same. You can rely on the ebike battery range remaining constant


Longer life - no more sidewall cracking with tyres left to go flat, no more tyres and tubes binned after a puncture and no more leaking valves


Bike hire/share programs can save over 65% on overall tyre purchase & maintenance.

Real rubber performance


Excellent grip in all weather conditions, wet or dry, sub zero to 50 degrees C


Gecko compounded rubber contains an elastomer network cross-linked with key fillers to build up heat (hysteresis) and so grip and hold the road, (not possible with foamed plastic)


True ride quality – comfort & true road feel


Easy installation (with a hand lever or PNA)

Gecko uses a patented new cellular rubber technology


Sustainable material used – returned tyres will be recycled directly back into new tyre manufacture


Life Cycle assessment study indicates over 70% smaller carbon footprint


Made in the UK


Low tyre manufacturing cost potential


Tyres can be designed for specific requirements - new profiles and unique rubber properties developed.

Our customers immediately notice a great improvement of our tyres over other puncture proof tyres with many saying they are as nice as traditional pneumatics. The patented Gecko cellular rubber now comes in two 'flavours'; a softer more comfortable ride, perfect for e-bikes and a slighty firmer faster one for regular bicycles.


Comfort Geckos: (Perfect for e-bikes)

26” x 1.75" (to fit wheel rim size: ETRTO 559 x 18 & ETRTO 559 x 19)

700 x 40 (to fit wheel rim size: ETRTO 622 x 18 & ETRTO 622 x 19)


Regular Geckos: (Perfect for any bike)

26” x 1.5" (to fit wheel rim size: ETRTO 559 x 19 & ETRTO 559 x 20)

26” x 1.75” (to fit wheel rim size: ETRTO 559 x 18 & ETRTO 559 x19)

700 x 40 (to fit wheel rim size: ETRTO 622 x 18 & ETRTO 622 x 19)


These new Regular Gecko tyres have been developed with standard peddle bicycles in mind however they would also be excellent for ebikes (be it a slightly firmer ride than the Comfort Geckos but a ride as you would expect from a well pumped up pneumatic tyre) . We have started manufacturing the first Regular Gecko tyres in the 700 x 40, and 26 x 1.75 sizes (with other sizes planned for later in 2018).


The first Regular Gecko tyre tests are confirming that comfort is still excellent and the grip and other ride qualities are as you would expect from a good quality rubber tyre.


Now whether you have a standard or electric bike you can be reassured you will never get a puncture if you choose Gecko and have this with a true ride quality . More news on new sizes to follow soon.


Richard Adams

(Gecko Inventor and Founder)

Broken glass on your way to work shouldn't be something you have to worry about. Choose Geckos.

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