Perfect for your e-bike, family fun or a commute to work

We believe Geckos are the best puncture proof

bicycle tyres ever made

Try them for yourself and see why people agree


A new kind of rubber tyre.

- Always ready

- Comfortable to ride

- Simple and easy to fit

- Impossible to puncture

- Good grip even in the wet

- 100% real rubber

- Environmentally friendly

- Complete peace of mind


                Made in the UK






Many of us have a garage full of kids bikes that only get ridden in the summer. Perhaps an e-bike where the motor assembly makes changing the wheel difficult. Maybe we want a great way to get fit or an alternative way to get to work.


The only problem with bikes is that the tyres can go flat.


A loss of pressure in the tyre will hugely impact the effort required or the performance of your e-bike batteries. Our comfortable real rubber tyres give you back control and feel just like pneumatic tyres.


- Always ready when you are. Leave them in a garage for months and when you want to go for a ride, the Geckos are ready!


- Guaranteed range performance. Geckos can't lose pressure, a full e-bike charge will always take you the distance you expect.


- Never be late to work. With Gecko you know the tyres can't let you down.


- Changing a flat is hard. Especially on an e-bike, changing a flat tyre can be difficult and time consuming. Time to stop worrying about it.


- Great all weather performance. Geckos are made from real rubber, as tyres should be. They won't lose grip or slip in the rain or mud like some plastic tyres can.


- No other puncture proof tyre comes close in terms of ride comfort and performance.

"I now have complete peace of mind when commuting"


- Phil Wrenn

(Regular ebike commuter)

Now available from a growing number of stores across the UK!

The Gecko Difference

100% Puncture Proof?


Easy to install?

Life Cycle Environmental Footprint

Ride Quality

Where are they made?

Price per Tyre

Gecko Tyre



'Old Style' Solid Tyre



Best Alternative Solid Tyre



A Leading Puncture

Resistant Pneumatic Tyre











Cellular Rubber



Foamed PU Polymer


Foamed EVA Polymer


Rubber, Textiles & Metal Wires











 approx 4kg CO2









approx 12kg CO2














Typically Asia



Typically Asia



Typically Asia




approx £30



£60 + Fitting


£40 + tube + pump + repair kit...

Traditional rubber, textile and metal tyres are very hard to recycle due to the difficulty in separating the different materials, so unless they become a cool belt, there is not much you can do with them.

* obviously only valid If the tyres are kept at the correct pressure without any punctures.

Our customers immediately notice a great improvement of our tyres over other puncture proof tyres with many saying they are as nice as traditional pneumatics. The patented Gecko cellular rubber now comes in two 'flavours'; a softer more comfortable ride, perfect for e-bikes and a slighty firmer faster one for regular bicycles.


Comfort Geckos:                                                         (Perfect for e-bikes)

26” x 1.75" (to fit wheel rim size: ETRTO 559 x 19)

700 x 40 (to fit wheel rim size: ETRTO 622 x 19)


Regular Geckos:

26” x 1.5" (to fit wheel rim size: ETRTO 559 x 19)

700 x 28 (coming next)


We're very proud to report that the Gecko tyres have been trialled extensively in cities across the UK and France racking up tens of thousands of miles and a quickly growing number of customers report that they are indistinguishable from traditional pneumatic tyres when riding. Come and try them for yourself.

Richard Adams

(Gecko Inventor and Founder)

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